Miss Garzia

Health 8

What is Mental Health?

To start, I want you to create your own KWL chart. What do you already know about mental health? What do you want to know? Leave space so you can fill in what you've learned!

Ready?  Now that you have some questions, I want you to watch the video below.  Make sure you take notes so you can fill in your chart if any questions are answered.

Now, I want you to fill in the rest of the L section of your chart that you were unable to answer from the video alone. Make sure you include the site where you found the information.

Your Assignment

You are going to team up with the rest of the students at your table.  Now, you are going to create a song, a public service announcement, rap, or filmed skit to teach others about mental health awareness. You will have one day to plan, and one day to record. Must be a minimum of 30 seconds.  Be creative!!  

You will be graded on both your KWL chart, and your creation!  Get working.

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