Gym Candy
March 25, 2015
Words of the Wiser

I think that in this story so far that Mick's dad is being a mentor or fitting in words of the wiser. Mick's dad is almost forcing him to play and making him love the game. He keeps telling Mick that he will have a wall to himself to have records broken and trophies on them. I think that his dad should let him go by himself and see if he actually loves the game. His mom on the other hand, does not want him to play and she is giving him her advice and what she thinks about football. She is no longer going to his games because she is afraid that he will get injured on the field. This is difficult because he has both parents telling him different things, but who should he listen to? I think that his parents are giving im good advice, but it is up to what Mick wants for himself.

Mick thinking about his relationship with his dad.

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