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map of the Muslim empire

The Muslim Empire

The Muslim empire began at the same time as the birth of Islam around 620 and it never really ends due to the fact that it’s based off of one of the main religions in today’s world. The empire started in Mecca and move west into India east across North Africa and on into Spain. The empire would have spread much farther if it wasn’t for the Franks of France lead by Charles “The Hammer” Martel. They stood up to the Muslim army and push them back into to Spain. The Muslim empire spread by Military conquest and trade. When the Muslims traded their goods they also traded ideas with the other cultures. The Muslims spread all the major contributions of other important empires (Gupta, Tang, Byzantine etc.) they also added on to a lot of them. They created Algebra and Trigonometry from the ideas of the Gupta. One of the most important contributions is their medical ideals such as keeping medical text books and making hospitals. They also created the astronomical tables which helped them make an educated guess at the circumference of the world and they were actually very close. They were also the first to develop a banking system, this system also allowed people to barrow money. Perhaps the most important contribution is that they preserved the writings and histories of the roman and Greek empires alive.

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