Tackk 2  My tribe

#1 My tribe would have to be my best-friends. We all value each other. The rules to stick in our tribe is that we can't have any more best friends them and only them.I left my tribe by going to a different school and they go to Harding and I came to central. So I left my tribe 😏😰 I have 2 girl best friends and 1 boy best friend all of them are very goofy one of them is really shy and quiet around some people. And 2 of them are outspoken and crazy. And i wish I hadn't left my tribe but that's a part of growing up and becoming a adult.

#2 Another one of my tribes would have to be Highland (my middle school). We valued the IB learner profile rules and those were our rules we went by everyday. I left this tribe also. It was a good school I feel like that was my home and I just kind of left it. And I miss Highland so much. I kind of feel like I belong there and don't belong at central because I spent 2 years of my life there. It was a good school with interesting people πŸ’―βœŠπŸ‘Œ