7.MEH.2.2 Stress Managment

By: Rebekah W.

I get stress from my friends.

My friends get into a lot of arguments and then they drag me into it and I absolutley hate being in drama. I simply ask them to leave me out of it and they respect that.

I get stress from homework.

I am not good at math and that's mainly what I get for homework. When I run into a problem that I don't understand I back away and take a break. Later I will come back and try it again.

I get stress from dance.

I get a lot of stress from dance because sometimes there is drama, sometimes I get frustrated because I can't master a step, and sometimes I just don't want to do it right then. I solve these probelms by staying out of the drama, take a break from the step and come back to it, and I go anyways.

I get stress from my family. (sometimes)

I have a great, loving family except sometimes my parents start to argue with each other about money. My dad lost his job last year and his going through this long process to get another job. We are not broke or anything like that it's just that money is tight sometimes. I mangae this stress by simply don't listen to it and I will just go up to my room.

I get stress from certain people.

People that I know really get on my nerves and they just won't go away. This stresses me out becuase I want to be nice to everyone but it's hard when they won't leave you alone. I solve this problem by not being around them or not talking to them unless I have to.

I have a great life except for some minor stress.

It's seems like I have a really cruddy life but I don't I love to dance, I love my family, and I have great friends. Most of the time when I get extremely stressed out I go to my room and watch tv or I will listen to soothing music.

This is relaxing.

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