The Water Purifier

By: Sasha Z and Moustafa E

What is its Purpose?

The water purifier purifies water so its safe to drink and so you don't get sick.

Who invented the water purifier? people in ancient India, Egypt,And Greece used simple methods to purify water such as boiling it. Sir Frances Bacon did the first experimenting on water purification by moving salt water through sand to get rid of salt. His experiments made scientists interested in water purification. The first documented use of water purifiers was in 1804 by John Gibb.

This is a picture of the water purifiers used in the 1800's. You pour water through the sand to purify the water. How are water purifiers used? Water purifiers are used to purify water so its safe to drink. There are many diseases that can be found in water that are dangerous and are removed by water purifiers.For many years clean water was associated with health. What are the innovations this product has gone through? Because of our technology water purifiers have gotten better.Water purifiers can now get rid of more diseases in the water. Water purifiers are also more efficient and smaller. We have purifiers that can collect rain water and purify it directly.

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