A Day in the Life of a Vietnamese Student


My brother and I watch some television before going to sleep.

Similarities and Differences

Despite the time zone difference and miles between us, we're both just normal kids. We both go to school, have a nice family, and get to eat our meals. I go to school for a full day though, while he does not. Neither of us walk to our schools, we both gets rides. We both go to bed around the same time, and both wake up within in hour apart. In the end, we're both just normal kids.

Bui  Duy Bihn  is an eleven year old Vietnamese boy, he is a fifth grade student.  He resides with his mother, father, and younger brother in the city of Ho Chi Mihn.


Bui gets up, brushes his teeth, and prepares for school.


One of Bui's parents give him a ride to school on their motorcycle, cars are not affordable for many.


Bui goes home. He only has half days due to the lack of teachers and the vast amount of students.


Bui helps his mother prepare dinner.


Bui practices piano and drawing, then plays with his younger brother.


Bui takes a shower, and then heads to sleep.

My Daily Routine

My name is Jaelynn, I am a thirteen year old seventh grader. I live with my mother, father, younger brother, and elder sister.


I wake up and get dressed before heading downstairs to get breakfast.

My brother, dad, and I will occasionally go outside to play baseball, then eat afterwords.


I catch the bus for a forty minute ride.


I get lunch with a few friends.


School is dismissed and the students rush to their buses.


My brother, dad, and I usually play baseball then get dinner.

My brother and


Similarities and Differences

Bui and I are both students and we both live a normal life, for the most part. Bui only goes to school for a half day though, but he does get a ride instead of walking, just like I do. He practices piano and drawing, despite my lack of talent in piano, I do enjoy practicing to draw. We both go sleep and wake up around the same timings as well. Despite the time zones and miles between us, we are both more similar, yet diverse, than I would have guessed.

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