Vietnam War

     Anna Mathews      Hour 1

Who: The Vietnam War was fought between the government of Southern Vietnam and communist North Vietnam. Southern Vietnam was supported by anti-communist countries, mostly the United States. Northern Vietnam was supported by communist countries, mostly the People's Republic of China and the Soviet Union.

What: This war was the long war between Southern and Northern Vietnam. They were fighting because the North wanted the country to unify under communism and the South along with it's ally the United States wanted to prevent the spread of communism.

When: The Vietnam War lasted 20 years long. It all started in 1954 and concluded in 1975. The United States became involved in the war in 1965.

Where: The Vietnam war was fought in South Vietnam.

Why: The North wanted to make Vietnam a communist country and the South was anti-communist. In the end the South surrendered to the North, making Vietnam a communist country.

Summary: The Vietnam War was fought between the North Vietnamese and the South Vietnamese people. This war was about communism vs. anti-communism. Eventually the war ended in 1975 and communism won out and the South Vietnamese surrendered to the North.

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