What about me?

Gunnar K.

This in Santorini, Greece, an island that has beutiful sunsets.


Hi, my name is Gunnar K. and I am very shy. I really love #snowskiing and #proscootering. I ski at #schweitzermountain in Sanpoint, Idaho and scoot at the Liberty Lake #skatepark. I am starting to get more into #mountainbiking too. I also really love music. I do #woodwindintruments for band and piano for fun. By the way I'm about 13 and a half I live in Liberty Lake Washington and love the town because of the parks and little shops.

Skiing has affected me that I have to go about every wekend of the Winter. Scootering has affected me by spending all my money and going to the skatepark after half of my homework is done. Piano has affected me by learning new songs at least two songs per month. #whataboutme #kettner #tech22

This is me, also in Santorini.
I really like skiing so this was a few years ago when I started to get better at it.
Scootering has affected me by spending losts of my money and time.
I piano has affected me to learn new songs and cheer me up.

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