BQ: When in trouble/ need, how does someone know who to rely on?


By: Becca Fitzpatrick

My Thoughts:

This book was kind of mystery that left people wondering what was going to happen. This book was well written and had a good story behind it. I liked it and would recommend anyone to read it.

Summary of the Story:

-The book is the second in the "Hush Hush" series. Nora, the main character goes further into the mystery of solving who killed her dad.

-Nora later finds out that she thinks Patch, her boyfriend, killed him.

-Nora and Patch later break up.

-After they break up she finds out that Patch is going with her arch enemy, Marcie Millar.

-After all of this, she finds out that her mom was having an affair with Marcie's dad when her dad was still alive. Then she also finds out that her mom is still going with him during recent times. She feels like her life is falling apart.

-Nora finds out her whole life is a lie. Her so called dad isn't really her dad and she finds out who the killer really was. It was Patch's best friend.

-The end of the book is a cliffhanger to take you into the third book of the series.

Answer to the B.Q.:

-The book attempts to answer the big question because Nora relies on Patch.

-Nora always looks for Patch in times of need.

-She depends on him to save her.

-"He'd sacrificed the one thing he wanted most of all- a human body- to save my life."  -Nora

This is the cover to the book "Crescendo."

By: Becca Fitzpatrick

My Thoughts:

This book is an easy read for anyone. A guy or a girl could easily read this story and enjoy it. All of the "Hush Hush" series books are a good read. The book flows very well and the reader will never be left wondering what just happened. The book is an easy and fun book.

Summary of the Story:

-This book is the third book in the "Hush Hush" series.

-The book starts out in a cemetery. Nora doesn't know how she got there.

-She later realizes that she was captured and taken for quite some time. She was dumped there after the captor was finished with her.

-She wakes up and goes home, trying to figure everything out.

-She is told when she returns that she was gone for 5 months and had missed all of summer. She has no memory at all of any of the fallen angel things or anything.

-She doesn't even remember Patch, her first real love.

-Patch brainwashed her to believe that she never experienced anything that she did. He comes around every now and then but to her now he is known as Jev.

-She tries to go through the last 5 months she has missed out on and is trying to decipher who did it and how it all happened.

-At Delphic Beach (a popular hangout for high school kids) she meets up with an old friend. She doesn't remember him at first, but he brings back her memory.

-She finds out that Hank Millar, (Marcie Millar's dad and her mom's boyfriend) is actually her biological dad and he is the one that captured her.

-She defeats the "Black Hand" and then lives happily ever after with Patch.

Answer to B.Q.:

-Even though Nora doesn't remember Patch, she feels safe whenever he comes around.

-Jev (Patch) calms her down and tries to fill her in on things as much as possible, even though he doesn't want her to know about all of the archangel, angel, secrets.

-"I wasn't scared. Jev made me feel safe." Jev= Patch  -Nora          Nora says this even though she doesn't know Patch/Jev. That proves she can rely on him.

By: Malcom Gladwell

My Thoughts:

This story made me realize the irony in all things that happen in life. It proved to me that most things really are coincidental and probably wouldn't have happened if the right opportunities weren't there. Many people get great chances to do great things, it is what you do with those chances that matter and makes them so worth it.

Summary of the Story:

-This story basically questions success. It questions why some people are more successful than others.

-It shows why some people are more successful.

-The book gives many charts and data samples to help explain things and shows examples.

-Lastly, this story shows the irony of everything that happens in life.

Answer to B.Q.:

-In the story, there are many people Gladwell states should be relied on by people.

-Everyone has certain people they can rely on during different time periods in someone's life.

-"Joyce Gladwell owes her college education first to W.M. Macmillian... most of all Daisy Nation depends on her mother." p. 276

My Story
By: Elizabeth Smart

My Thoughts:

This book was my favorite one we read all year. Although it was sickening, it was a very good read and would keep me wanting to read. I am not a reader and this book kept me entertained. This book was my favorite of the school year.

Summary of the Story:

-Elizabeth Smart was a 14 year old girl who was taken from her home in the middle of the night.

-Elizabeth was a very strong Mormon and she believed highly in God.

-She was taken by a man named Brian David Mitchell, who worked for Elizabeth's dad off and on.

-He believed he was a prophet of God and believed Elizabeth was the person God told him to make his wife.

-Mitchell stole her from her family for 9 months.

-He raped and beat her every day of the 9 months.

-Mitchell also had a first wife who was older. Her name was Wanda Barzee.

-They lived in the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah for quite awhile until people started to question him. Then he took his two wives to California.

-After some time, police questioned Mitchell and they asked Elizabeth who she was and she told them who she was. The police told her that her family had missed her very much and he would be uniting her with them soon.

-Mitchell and his wife, Barzee, went to prison.

My Story, Non-Fiction Connection:

Every day someone faces something that scares them. In Elizabeth's case, she dealt with being scared of losing her life every single day. In my case, I face being scared of things such as the future, where my life will go, and how I will get there. There are constant worries when it comes to the future. Elizabeth was scared for her future in the story because she didn't know if she would make it to another day. I am scared for the future for what it entails for me.

-"We look into mirrors but we only see the effects of our time on us - not our effects on others." -Pearl Bailey Quotes

-This says that even though some people have to rely on people sometimes, it may be okay and help people realize what they need to do with themselves and others around them.

B.Q. Connection to Students' World:

Every person in life thinks that they can be or already are independent. That may be true but every person needs someone to rely on when times are tough. Not everyone can push through life all by themselves. In some cases, a religious spirit is someone somebody can rely on. In other cases, some people need actual people in their life to help them prosper in everything they do. Everyone needs someone to rely on when times are tough, or even when times are good.

Sales Pitch:

-Learn about the crazy life of Elizabeth Smart in her book, My Story. She opens up about the scary things she had to endure when her kidnapper took her from her family for 9 long months!
-After reading this story, you can even e-mail Elizabeth yourself.

-You must first buy your own copy of this incredible story that will keep you reading for hours!

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