A day in the life of a student from Vietnam.

Dui is 11 years old and lives in Vietnam.


When Dui wakes up from his nap he eats yogurt and studies.


Dui helps his mother prepare for dinner.


After dinner Dui goes to his room and practices piano or plays with his little brother.

A day in the life of me.

My name is Logan i am 13 and i live in the United States.


I wake up brush my teeth and get ready for school.


Get on school bus and go to school.


I eat lunch.


I get on the school bus again and it takes me home.


When I get home from school I get a snack.


I go outside And ride my quad, that is a day in my life.

Dui and i have very similar but different lives. He does lot of things that I do. I do lots of things that he does. There is some things that he does that I don't. There are also things that I do that he doesn't. Those are our stories


Dui wakes up and brushes his teeth and gets ready for school. His mother usually makes breakfast, but today he buys breakfast from a street vendor.


Either my mom or dad gives me a ride to school.


Every morning starts with a salute to Ho Chi Minhh.

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