Global Community Conglomerate

Handing out help since 1912

GCC is the world's leading non-profit organization.  Operating solely on corporate partners, donations, and kind hearts, our goal is to help as many people as we can across the world while drawing the people more closely together.  

Starting in 1912, GCC was once known as the Corner Shop in downtown Chicago, IL. Owners Jim Shapely and Jon Jeremy, ran a convenience store during the daytime, and a shelter during the night.  Whenever it was time to close up shop, the partners would open up their back doors, and welcome all of those people that needed a warm place to sleep at night.  

Over time, Shapely's and Jeremy's selflessness drew attention from the locals of Chicago, and began taking in donations to help the needy.  Word of mouth spread so fast, that the city offered to sell vacant factory buildings to them at low costs to continue what their work.  

By 1918, five years after opening their small convenience store, the partners had four different locations in the Chicago area, making it the biggest non-profit organization in the city.  This title drew the ears of big cities across the nation, as officials from New York, St. Louis, Houston, and so on, began to offer these two large amounts of money to start up similar non-profits for the people in their cities.  

With the passing of the World Wars, Shapely and Jeremy were busier than ever, as they took in all veterans to help them cope with injuries and adjust back to civilian life.  By the end of World War II, the partners had shelter locations all across the nation, helping as many as they could on a day-by-day basis.

Fast forward to 1971, Shapely and Jeremy break ground in six different countries in Europe to continue relief efforts to those effected across the Atlantic.  With this, the two officially name their company the Global Community Conglomerate.  

Today, the GCC is run by Joseph Shapely and Donnita Jeremy, the son and daughter of the original founding two.  With 18 different companies, and over 200,000 employees and volunteers across the wold, the GCC is still slowly expanding to all boarders and peoples, hoping to bring a since of unity to those that no longer feel connected to the rest of society.

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