I am a fifteen year old freshman who attends Girard High School. I like to play volleyball although I'm not very good at it, therefore I don't play on a team. I enjoy old movies and laid back days. I can get dressed up and enjoy it on occasions but chilling in sweats is a perfect day for me.

Three Things About Me

I Adore Pitbulls

Pitbulls are the cutest thing ever in my mind. As long as they're raised and watched correctly they are harmless dogs. I had two pits up until a few years ago and I fully plan on getting another one when I am older.


I have a completely unhealthy obsession with Redbull. Everyone who knows me is used to seeing me with a can of Redbull in my hands. I'm constantly drinking it. For Christmas my mom bought me 48 cans of it. I was one happy camper.


As long as I can remember I've had the biggest crush on Spider-man. My whole room was decked out in Spider-man. I just think he's the coolest thing ever. And honestly, I have to admit, when I was little and would play Spider-man, it was pretty fun to do the sound effects when he shot the web out of his wrists.


Losing some weight would be kinda cool to do. In order to accomplish this I can stop watching so much Netflix and get up and do something instead. Also, I should stop eating a lot one week then a little bit the next week and try to get a normal eating schedule. Eating the right types of food would help as well I'm sure.

I'd really love to be able to support myself a little more, too. In order to accomplish this I should get a job and take as many hours as I can possibly get so I can pay for everything else. I should also work on getting my own car. This will help me get to my job and will allow me to go where I'd like whenever I feel like it. I could also start handling all of my affairs, like doctor's appointments, on my own as much as it's legally possible.

I'd like to get my GPA up and keep it up throughout high school. In order to do this I should come to school more than I do. Also, I could try studying every once in a while. The last thing I can do to get my GPA up is by getting is by getting enough sleep at night so I don't feel tired in school and fall asleep in class anymore.

Place To Visit

I hate being cliche, however I've been stuck in a small town for my entire life. I want to go out and have adventures. I want to go to a city, so why not go to THE city. If I'm going to do it then I'm going to go big.

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