Alzhiemers:The Disease That Hurts Us All

You May Forget Us But We Will Never Forget You

Alzheimers was first discovered by Dr.Alois Alzheimer in 1906 when he performed an autopsy examination on a woman who had suffered from dementia before death, when exmaing her brain tissue under a microscope, he noticed abnormal clumps and tangles of fiber where neurons should have been. He later found the same clumps and tangles in brains of people with demintia, in other autopsys.

Things To Watch Out For

The first noticeable symptom is usually forgetfulnesss of events. Then it progresses steadily until it causes confusion, behavior changes, and imparied thinking. Eventually a person may be unable to complete a sentence or follow the simplest directions. Memory loss and confusion grow worse, and people begin to have problems recognizing family and friends. They may have hallucinations

Don't take time Foregranted

Estimates vary, but experts suggest that as many as 5.1 MILLION Americans may have Alzheimer's Disease.

Hard To Diagnosis But Not Impossible

Alzheimer's Disease can be Definitively diagnosed only after death, by linking clinical measures with an examination of brain tissue and pathology in an autopsy. But doctors now have several methods and tools to help them determine fairly accurately whether a person who is having memory problems has "Possible Alzheimer's Dementia" or "Probable Alzeimer's Dementia."

To Diagnose Alzheimer's, Doctors May:

.Ask questions about overall health, past medical problems, ability to cary out daily avities, and changes in behavior and personality

.Coduct test of memory, problem solving, attention, counting, and languages

.Carry out standard medical test, such as blood and urine tests to identify other possible causes of the problem

.Perform brain scans, such as computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), To distinguish Alzheimer's from other possible causes for symptoms, like stroke or tumor, these tests maybe repeated to give doctors information

Early Diagnosis Can Make A Huge Diffrence

Early, accurate diagnosis is beneficial for several reasons. It can tell people whether their symptoms are from Alzheimer's or another cause, such as stroke, tumor, Parkinson's disease, sleep disturbances, side effects of medications, or other conditions that may be treatable and possibly reversible.

Everyone Needs A Friend

From personal experience of having a loved one forget who you are, I know it is hard. When I saw this poem I knew it was perfect for my assignment. I have had several, and still have several close family relatives that have suffered or are suffering for Alzheimer's and through all of it their partners have been at their side through the thick and the thin and never gave up even though they know that their loved ones time is now short.  Some people in the world need to see this poem because when times get tough they walk away and forget about their family and refuse to even see them. I can never understand how a person could do such a horrible thing. Instead of doing what they need to do by helping them remember and reminding them of everything they leave them because they can not bare to see them that way but you just have to look by that part and look at the person your talking to and remember all the good times you've had with them. The worst thing you could do is leave so stay be a good friend, be the person you would want to have as your best friend.  

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