Giuliana Rancic ponders the fate of Fashion Police

'Can there be a show without Joan?' Giuliana Rancic ponders the fate of Fashion Police and reveals Melissa Rivers will decide

The E! Network is currently hosting Joan Day, a 12-hour marathon of the late, great Joan Rivers' funniest fashion bits.

And Joan's grieving co-host Giuliana Rancic is now pondering the future, if any, Fashion Police has after the Emmy winner's death at 81 on September 4.

'A part of me is like Joan would want [her daughter] Melissa and us and the team to go on and I know she would, but it's just a matter of can there be a show without Joan?' the 40-year-old presenter told ABC News.

'Do we want to do a Fashion Police without Joan? I don't know.'

The newly-blonde E! News anchor said the big decision will likely rest on the shoulders of Joan's 46-year-old daughter and other execs.

'A lot of that will be up to her and how she's feeling,' Giuliana admitted. 'They are looking at different scenarios, whether it moves forward or it doesn't.'

Rancic called the veteran comedian's death 'the shock of a lifetime.'

She said: 'I still think she's going to walk through the door and yell, "Giuliana, get back to work!" And it's hard to wrap my mind around never seeing her again.'

There's definitely one strong candidate with enough brass to commentate on celebrity fashion like Rivers - her protégé Kathy Griffin.

The flame-haired 53-year-old appeared on Fashion Police and even served as 'Roast Master' in 2009 for Joan's Comedy Central Roast.

And when Griffin asked CBS execs about filling Craig Ferguson's empty seat on The Late Late Show, their response was shocking.

'They're not considering females at this time,' Kathy said on Larry King Now this week.

'I'm not happy that another middle-aged white guy got the job, but [James Corden] is obviously a very, very funny guy.'

Regardless on whether Fashion Police ends, Giuliana still serves as co-anchor of E! News, which airs weeknights.

Rancic also just released her own brand of single-serve StackTek wine - called Xo, G - which will be on Walmart shelves November 3.

It's also likely that the Emmy nominee and her husband Bill Rancic will return for an eighth season of their E! reality series Giuliana and Bill.

A special episode called Fashion Police: Celebrating Joan airs Friday, September 19 at 8 p.m. ET. in the US and September 20 at 9pm in the UK.

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