Mobile Learning

with Android Apps



Learn to Write Letters Kids is a free app for Androids. It teaches students to draw their letters properly. They are guided through the appropriate stroke order for each letter and given space to practice the letters on their own once they have traced over the original and the dotted example. This app is guided for younger students because of the content and design. The app allows practice for both upper and lowercase letters. It is a great tool for young students to continue working on their letters in school without just writing on paper.



Duolingo is a free language app. It can assist students learn English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Italian. This is a way students can practice their language skills without just listening to their teacher or working on paper. Students can use it to learn more or practice what they know at school and at home. It also provides fun activities to help them learn. A teacher can have students use this app when they complete an assignment or whatever activity they are doing during their language period if they finish early.



Kids Math is a free Android app to help students practice adding and subtracting, multiplication and division, finding the greatest and smallest numbers, mixed operations, and fractions equality. The app may be timed or not to encourage students to work fast. They may pick which category they need to work on, one, or many at a time. There are also levels students may accomplish that continually get harder. This app is a great way to encourage elementary students to practice math in the classroom without having to continue to do worksheets all the time.



Google Earth is a free that would allow students to explore our planet. It is a way for students to gain a better understanding of geography while seeing images of cities to learn more about them and what they look like. Students can also take virtual tours of select cities and view 3D images as well. A student may use Google Earth if they are working on a social project about a country as well.



Animal Encyclopedia is a free app for kids to learn more about animals. Students can pick a category of animal and learn what is considered a part of that category. They also learn what the animal is called and what sounds they make. This is a great tool for young students to learn a little about some of the other creatures that roam our planet. It may also be used when students do a research project on an animal.



Google Sky Map is a great tool to view constellations in the sky at any time of the day. You simply move your mobile device and it will show the constellations you are pointing at, including their name. This app also shows the placement of the moon and planets. Google Sky Map has a manual function that allows you to freeze the screen and move it as you like. You may also adjust the settings to only show specific aspects of the sky at once. This app could be used in an elementary science class. It could be used in a lesson on constellations so students may view where they are in the sky at a specific time, what they look like, and what they are called. It is a fun way for a class to look at constellations together while the sun is still up.

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