Territoriality...What is it?

In political geography the term territoriality appears often, that's because it is a major key component in modern political culture as well as basic to the study of political geography.  

The Defintion

Territoriality is defined as a country's sense of property and attachment toward its territory, as expressed by its determination to keep it inviolable and strongly defended. Or according to the definition defined during class, of or relating to the ownership of an area of land or sea.

In My Own Words

Territoriality, to my understanding, is a country's expression of power and ownership over land that they possess. A country feels so strongly about the power they gain from possessing this land that they will do anything in their power to maintain it.  

As A Whole

Territoriality is not a simple term in which that can be defined easily. It is a key component in modern political culture because it is one of the most frequently used methods in which countries exert political power. Territoriality can be the practice of creating geographic boundaries in order to separate different populations by their culture so that they are more easily controlled. Through territoriality, a country will have a more profound and stronger will to defend their land, meaning they would do nearly anything to protect what is theirs.   This can possibly lead to territorial disputes with other country's.