Group Devising

class narrative entry 2

we started with a stimulus given to the whole class it was the Amsterdam red light district stop the traffic campaign video and then we were given groups to develop and devise with we started by watching the video and writing words that came to mind my words included Trapped,Sick,Death, from the groups collective word bank we came up with a feeling similar to that of the television program American Horror Story which is creating a new season that takes place in a circus we enjoyed the idea of the circus and this lead us to puppets which symbolically show that these people (those being trafficked) have had there freedom stolen much like a puppet cannot move on its own. The idea of puppets led the group to some interesting songs dark and eerie music each of us was assigned a song that we did not pick and listened to it writing down words or lyrics that stuck out words that stuck out for me where Death, Stench, loneliness, "I'm hardly even there", "call out my nameless", and scopaesthesia or the feeling of being watched. The group decided to pick three words from the group word bank the words were House of Mirrors, No one knew him, and scopaesthesia. We then started to try out some ideas with the puppet masters (Patrick and I) controlling the puppets (Diana, Nina, and Claire). The puppet masters said each of the words and the puppets tried to mimic that with there bodies however our lines kept getting tangled when we tried the "house of mirrors" tableau, Diana fixed this by going and getting a mirror from the props corner. Scopaesthesia was to difficult to make them look like puppets so we scrapped it. later we were all gathered talking about ideas using the mirror when Diana without realizing it held up the mirror so just her hands and her legs were showing and it looked incredible for our production showing that to some the only "important" part of her is from the waist down. The mirror lead to the idea of using mirrors to represent people because they reflect the desires of those around them and as such are not self controlled. The mirror idea coupled with the original idea of the "house of mirrors" and the circus which lead to our shift into absurdism as well as our ideas for mirrors symbolizing women and women representing mirrors, i feel quite strongly about the piece we are creating i think it is going to be spectacular. Honestly Diana has been an enormous piece in our devising she has assumed a leadership position and has continuously kept in the focus of the assignment. Our group could absolutely not function without Diana. the tasks are split up with Nina on lighting, Claire on Set design, Diana on costume and makeup, Pat on sound, and I am the director.

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3 years ago

Your narrative entries are getting stronger, Danny! What have you learned? Strengths and weaknesses on your part? IB Learner Profile trait you have exhibited?