Heart the Beat

Iv'e always been a singer, my whole life so far I have always loved singing, and singing loud. Music will always be a part of me and It has never left me. When I listen to music, I just love to hear every part. I search for that absolute peak of perfection in music when the sound just sort of melts in your ear and your heart. There's always a fine blend of sound coming together in music and I love that sound of harmony, or even complete disharmony. The best albums and tracks are the ones that never die. You could never get sick of hearing them and they are inseparable from you. There are words and lyrics that have meaning, but life is put into those words when they have a melody. With this a song is born and it soon becomes a living, breathing, piece of you. When you listen, actually listen to a song you can hear its heartbeat and if you let it, it will synchronize with the beating of your own heart. The connection that you make between your body, spirit, mind, and soul with music; Is a beautiful thing.

"Music is beautiful but, always be mindful of what music you're synchronizing your heart to."

I aspire to use my talents and appreciate who I am and what I believe in. My love for music is such a big part of me that I wouldn't  even be me without music. I believe that music brings people together, it really does!

Sometimes I find myself pondering the question,  What if I had to give up music? What if it was gone completely? Well these questions could not be answered because today its not possible to live without it. How could anybody want to disagree with that. Like it, or not everybody enjoys music. In history music has gotten people through, slavery, wars, disasters, death, discrimination. Music celebrates rebirth, life, love, God, peace, pride and freedom.

Music brings us together


I think that everybody has something. What I mean by the word "something" is exactly what I said, Something. Everybody and I mean EVERYBODY has something that makes them an individual, a human being, a person in existence. This something that we have is genuine to ourselves. The something is what keeps you striving and alive-ing. And its not like everyone has only one. So,What is your something?

You may know people like the musicians, the artists, the actors and actresses, the mathematicians, the scientists, and etc. These people have already found their something, but now guess what? You get a chance to discover what your something is, if you haven't already! Its exciting to think that there is a part of you something amazing inside of you, and you only just begging to be discovered.

"Will you let your "Something" define you? Or will YOU define it?"

Don't let yourself be labeled and don't let your self be defined. Show your something whose the boss and just totally rock it. I understand the feel, that it can be really pressuring to live up this definition of yourself like for example, dressing nice everyday, getting good grades, being a good singer, and having the best jokes. Don't be discouraged, everybody feels the struggle just stay calm and relax, try your absolute best and you won't become your own worst enemy.

Success in life: OMG the Unknown

So, just like I've mentioned before, I am a singer.  I have always been and I have faith that I always will. But, lately its been tough to try to uphold my title of  "good" Singer. I let people define me as a really good singer and If you know me well enough you know that me and singing just automatically belong together. School has been a big contributor to my current problem. See I have been in a school choir since the third grade and choir was where I got to formally sing and it sounded pretty decent and It was my thing. Well my school doesn't offer any music programs at the moment so I just stopped practicing and no longer had a thing. But shoutout to my two best friends that keep me occupied.(:

Another obstacle is myself, pretty much everyone who has ever had to get up in front of people and sing or do speech has felt nervous. Well I get nervous too and I try so hard to impress others and I mess up. So I have just been a big critic of my singing, we all critique ourselves. I feel like, the older I get the more somebody newer and younger is going to show up singing way better than me. I know I shouldn't feel this way, but I don't want to disappoint people who thought I was good before, now they have to change their minds and that means I have failed to maintain the status of being talented.  

I feel like I need to be Involved and included in something official to make it official.See the problem is that I keep putting barriers up for myself and I end up just blocking every possible solution. (Well, that's what adults have told me) Now as I am writing this I really realize the idea of "failing forward". If I never try I will never succeed, so does that mean I will fail? If I never try I will never fail FORWARD. I wouldn't be moving at all so I guess never trying could mean that I could fail BACKWARDS.  

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