Savannah Jones, Vocabulary


Garry had an obsession with chocolate milk, he drank it everyday for lunch, breakfast, and dinner.

Antonym- hated

Synonym- loved

Example- When someone loves someone and obsesses over them.


My boss got very agitated when I cam in to work 3 days in a row.

Antonym- calm

Synonym- provoke

Example- When someone gets very aggravated at something.


Megan told her mother that studying for her test was toiling work.

Antonym- Easy work

Synonym- Labor

Example- Work that is hard is toiled.


The old milk was grotesque and nobody wanted to be the who has to clean it.

Antonym- beautiful

Synonym- disgusting

Example- When something is extremely gross.


Charlie seems very feverish but he insisted he was not.

Antonym- Healthy

Synonym- Sick

Example- When somebody looks feverish usually because of a fever.


Sally went through convulsive therapy to help her with her hurt arm.

Antonym- Still

Synonym- Hyper

Example- When somebody has a spasm.


Bob devoured 62 hotdogs to win the contest.

Antonym- pecking

Synonym- inhaled

Example- When somebody eats a lot of food really fast.


Frankenstein had a strange anatomy but somehow it worked.

Antonym- cause of death

Synonym- creation

Example- Frankenstein was created by a scientist, that is his anatomy.


The barbwire a very gnarly looking around the tree.

Antonym- Pretty

Synonym- Twisted

Example- Something that is gnarled is twisted and ugly looking.


They shunned Charlie because he was a non-believer.

Antonym- Attention

Synonym- Leave

Example- When someone shuns someone they pay no attention to them.

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