Industrial Revolution

By Jakeria Warren

What is the Industrial Revolution

  • The industrial Revolution is a greatly increases output of machine made goods
  • The revolution begins in England in the middle 1700s.

How did the Industrial Revolution start

  • The Industrial Revolution was growing rapidly in the United States during the early 19th century.
  • Private investors and financial buildings (such as banks) were needed to provide money to the people who wanted to start a business.

Working conditions they faced

  • The Industrial work was not only exhausting but dangerous. child workers in the textile industrial got hurt three times often as adults.
  • We don't have many accidents," claimed one mill foreman .
  • Once a finger is mashed or a foot but it doesn't amount anything.
  • They bend over the chutes until their backs ache, and they get tired and sick because they have to breathe coal dust instead of good, pure air

The Movement

  • The movement started out in the great Britain because it Quickly spread to other areas of Europe and the United States through 1840's through the 1900's
  • As the Industrial Revolution grew, many saw a gap forming between the upper and the lower classes
  • Rich gets Richer and the Poor gets Poorer

More of the movement

  • The Industrial Reform Movement Reform movement was a group of activists who wanted to correct some of the bad effects of the Industrial Revolution.
  • Main Goal makes society better for the poor and working classes.

Positive results of the Industrial Rev

  • Modern buildings were constructed.The buildings were positive because they gave homeless people places to live.
  • They built churches and architecture was modernized.They built row houses and apartments for people who needed homes when they moved.
  • There were many new inventions that battered peoples lives.The telephone was invented which allowed people to communicate with each other.

The positive and the negative outweigh

  • The benefits of the Industrial Revolution far outweigh the consequences.As with any revolution that occurs there are always unintended consequences.
  • There was no actual revolution that occurred and along with the social and economic changes that come with every age it can not be prevented or controlled by any event.
  • With the many positive aspects it also as with any other age brought about unforeseen negative consequences.
  • The Industrial Revolution Reform Movement was a group of activists, who wanted to correct some of the bad effects of the Industrial Revolution.

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