Lice Heaven

Lice have to eat and feed on blood 12 times a day. where can you find enough humans to supply that need. Well here in France we have trenches that are filled with young men just waiting to be bit. Many lice also have there offspring born here and don't worry about the humans trying to kill them they don't know how to. We have great success rate in our community 15% of all the  cases of sickness in the British army are caused by lice in the trenches! Soldiers are always in the trenches and don't leave the area for long periods of time so your favorite human to bite could be around for awhile. The best thing about the trenches is the dead bodies just lying there for you to pick at with no one trying to stop you. There's a lot of dead humans so the supply meets our demands. If you are a lice living anywhere come to France. You wont regret it.

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