The World is Your Stage

When I was five, my eyes gazed upon Young Nala in the Broadway show, The Lion King: my heart was instantly set on being an actress. At the end of elementary school, I began participating in musicals. Performing gave me such a rush of adrenaline, and I fell in love. Since, I have taken roles in three more productions through PYT, and one original musical through a community based organization. I went through two acting schools meant to be used as a catalyst to break into the industry, but neither were legitimate companies. In eighth grade, I was blessed with the opportunity to be an extra in a movie that was filming in my neighborhood: my dream came true! I may not have been very important, but I can still say I made it to the big screens.

Letting My Voice Be Heard

I have always been creative and performing was something I did often in many ways at home. My sister and I would make videos of ourselves dancing. Taping lyrics to the shower door so I could sing in the shower was a norm. My family hated when I sang though, and would often ask me to be quiet. Their comments hurt me a lot more than they know and it destroyed my confidence. I became a really quiet introverted person, so I taught myself how to play the piano. Music is way too important to cut it out of my life. The first song I learned on the piano was Titanium by David Guetta, and it was the best choice I made. Ever since, I have learned several beautiful songs that allow me to escape the real world in the same way acting does. I began to sing in the shower again a couple years ago out of sheer nostalgia and memories, but singing in front of someone else caused a huge terror in my mind. As a senior in high school, I know I cannot keep my self locked in forever so I am a lot more open minded and looking for opportunities. Recently, I found a friend who I reluctantly allowed to hear my voice: he enjoyed it! I began to sing more and even ended up joining his band. Now I'm proud to say I just had my debut performance singing and playing the piano at my church for New Year's Eve.

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