Air resistance

The purpose of this experiment was to demonstrate air resistance on different types of objects.  A feather and a ping pong ball respond to air resistance differently.


I tested the air resistance of ping pong balls and feathers by dropping them from a height of 5 feet 10 times each.  As I tested the feathers I noticed that some feathers dropped faster than others because they were skinny and needed to be fanned out, and I noticed that some feathers others were already fat and fanned out.  Of the feathers that I tested, most of them took about five seconds to drop.  As for the ping pong ball, all the ones that I tested hit the floor at the exact same time of just under a second, and were shaped the same so that they would have the same amount of air resistance as each other.


A feather has more air resistance than a ping pong ball for the following reasons first, a feather is flat, its mass is spread out through the body of it which makes the air push it up more but the feather still falls slowly. A ping pong ball is round with its center of gravity in one place, and it has a very smooth and small surface, there for, when it is dropped the air will slide right off of the ball and not slow the ball down as much.

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