How does a tornado Form

  •   Cold fronts move down while warm fronts move upward soon a strong wind starts to form circling the fronts. Soon all the fronts and winds start circling all at one speed. In the process of spinning in circles there are clouds of debris and dust at the bottom of the fronts and winds which all soon from a tornado.  In order for a tornado to form it has to be a temperature  between 50's- 70's and a chilled wind has to occur.

How fast does a tornado go

A Tornado can go from speeds to 70-75 miles per hour.

The Barneveld Tornado

The barneveld tornado occurred on june 8 1984. There were 9 deaths and 200 injuries.

All the trees and 90% of the buildings got blown away. The trees and building’s got blown to green bay. Many people lost their homes and jobs and for some there loved ones. The tornado reached speeds up to 300 mph and set the record for the most dangerous and effective tornado ever in the world.

The goliad Tornado

The goliad tornado occurred on may 8 1902. 114 died and 250 were injured, there was 125,000 dollars worth in damages. There was a long period of time where no one had homes across the whole city there was 150 homes and 100 businesses blown away.

Tornado impacts

  *Tornados injure 1500 people each year

*You would need to go 70 miles per hour to outrun some tornados.

*For tornados there are large sirens that go off to warn people about a possible occurring tornado.

*Many people usually go to a safe room with no windows in the cause of a tornado.

* Most Tornados cost a lot of money in damages

Fun Facts

*The most powerful tornadoes occur in the us

*Every tornado has its own color and shape

*Tornados have been reported in every state in every season

*A tornado can occur at any time mostly common between 3 pm and 9 pm

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