Leader Of the Pack

Playwright: Anne Beatts

Music Composer & Lyricists

Music Composer: Ellie Greenwich

Lyricists: George Morton, Jeff Kent, Ellen Foley, Phil Spector, Jeff Barry, Ellie Greenwich

Main & Secondary Characters

(In Order of Appearance)

Darlene Love

Annie Golden

Young Ellie Greenwich (1960's)

Rosie (Ellie's Mother)


Mickey/ Waitress

Jeff Barry

Gus Sharkey

D. J. Voice

Lounge Singer

Dance Couple: Shirley Black-Brown, Keith McDaniel

Ellie Greenwich (1980s)

5 Advantages to Producing "Leader of the Pack" Musical

1. Makes Ellie Greenwich's song more popular

2. Exposes people to a form of different music

3. Became a popular choice for high school and amateur productions

4. Was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Musical

5. Celebrates the life and times of Ellie Greenwich

5 Challenges to Producing "Leader of the Pack" Musical

1. Was unlike any other shows on broadway at that time because though it had 2 acts it was without an intermission

2. Frank Rich reviewing the show in The New York Times called it an "embarrassment"

3. A critic from William Mason High School says "creates the challenge of developing characters and establishing the plot around the lyrics"

4.  Closed after only 120 performances at the Ambassador Theatre

5. Started with only an original cast of 6 and only had a brief run at Greenwich Village's Bottom Line in 1984.

Casting List For Musical  

1st List (Famous People)

1. Darlene Love - Jordin Sparks

2. Annie Golden- Taylor Swift

3. Young Ellie Greenwich (1960s)- Bella Thorne

4.  Rosie Ellie's Mother- Drew Barrymore

5. Shelley- Ashley Greene

6. Mickey/ Waitress- Keke Palmer

7. Jeff Barry- Daniel Redcliffe

8. Gus Sharkey- James Franco

9. D. J. Voice- Dennis Haysbert

10. Lounge Signer- Beyonce

11. Dance Couple- Josh Hutcherson (Guy), Saoirse Ronan (Girl)

12. Ellie Greenwich (1980's)- Julianne Moore

2nd List (People I Know)

1. Darlene Love- Brittany Richardson

2. Annie Golden- Amanda Davis

3. Young Ellie Greenwich (1960s)-  Amber Winstead

4. Rosie Ellie's Mother- Mrs. Huffman

5. Shelley- Gretchen B.

6. Mickey/Waitress- Hannah G.

7. Jeff Barry- Jeffrey

8. Gus Sharkey- Tyler M.

9. D.J. Voice- Arthur

10. Lounge Singer- Racheal Eley

11. Dance Couple- Isaiah Gay (Guy), Tamar Wester (Girl)

12. Ellie Greenwich (1980s)- Mrs. Martin

Reason For Casting

Darlene Love- Jordin Sparks : The 1st reason I decided to cast Jordin Sparks for the this part was because she sings and the person in this sings. The 2nd reason was because in the 1960's the people were young and outgoing and I feel like she relates to the character very well based off of her acting skills in movies.

Shelley- Gretchen B. : The 1st reason I decided to cast my friend Gretchen as Shelley was because from what I read her character is very young and loves to sing and Gretchen loves to sing as well and has a very optimist personality like her. The 2nd was because she is emotional at times and show her emotions very well and I think she could really put herself into the character.

Pictures Of Performances Of the Musical