Probably The Steeziest Thing That Will Be Dropped On You In
E Period English.

"The Playbook" By Barney Stinson

This book that is probably as big of a read as the bible, if not then it should be, is a playbook in how to wheel the ladies like you are in NASCAR. This book is funny, wrong, and boarder line sexist. By boarder line sexist I mean it is very sexist, so feminists I recommend you don't read this and clean instead or something. This book is 10 pages of why the book was written and 109 pages of hilarious ways to fool women into liking you.

About The Author.
Barney Stinson.

This book is written by Barney Stinson, who for those of you who don't know, Barney is a fictional character on the show "How I Met Your Mother." Barney is a pure bred stallion who lies to and manipulates women and the way he does it is just hilarious. Barney is a philosopher and is Legen. Wait for it... Dary! Legendary!


"...devising schemes to seduce women has been man's primary occupation since before the dawn of history. The proof exists in prehistoric cave paintings. Cavemen would return home from a hunt carrying one of their buddies, Urk, on their shoulders. They would describe through spirited reenactment what a "dangerous" kill it was and how Urk bravely climbed atop the saber-toothed tiger or mastodon or triceratops or whatever. To help sell the story, they drew pictures of the event on the wall using charcoal and ochre. Thanks to his bros, Urk would score some major cave tail that night..."

"The One Week To Live."

Barney In Action
(To Be Honest. I Don't Know If I Can Show This In School.)

If Mrs. Vanat allowed that video and you took offense or found it inappropriate, I'm sorry. If she didn't allow it, you are missing out.

You're Welcome.

By the way this takes place in New York City mostly.

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