When your a teen one of the most important things that really matters is how athletic you are and if you do sports. "The study, which surveyed 3,000 athletes, coaches and parents, found that:

42 percent of kids said that they have downplayed or hidden injuries so that they could keep playing.

53 percent of coaches said they've felt pressure to put injured players back in the game.

Almost 1/3 of kids surveyed said it's "normal" to play rough in a game, to "send a message" to the other team."

Playing at a game or meet and you get hurt in anyway like your foot most teens will think if I can walk on it then I can play, run, jump on it.  In P.E. class during and your running the mile you don't want to come in last so people don't make fun of you. Sports is the greatest challenge because if your competitive then you want to be the best and some times it's hard being the best.

"35% of the young athletes in a recent survey of 1,183 athletes aged eleven to eighteen planned to stop playing the next year." After awhile of so much stress and pressure people get frustrated and at a young age we shouldn't be under so much stress. Also if you have been playing a sport for years and years and continue it sometimes it can get boring and you get tired of it.