Blended Personal Finance

Liberty High School 2014-15

Course Overview

Blended Learning is an instructional practice where the learning in a course is delivered face-to-face as well as online. The goal for content delivery in a qualified Blended learning course is where at least half of the course content is delivered to students in a digital fashion in a synchronous and asynchronous, whether through research, webinars, podcasts or other online activities. In Liberty Public Schools, we encourage all classroom teachers to move toward innovative models of instruction for all students in order to continue to build their ability to navigate their personal learning journey and grow the necessary skills for becoming modern learners. Research on blended learning shares several models available. This course will follow the FLEX/RELEASE model: teachers will meet with students face-to-face as well as release the students to work in areas within the school building to learn content from an online source, meet in small groups with the instructor, and/or collaborate with classmates in their learning. This option is available 9-12 only in Liberty Public Schools.

Units of Study

1. Goals, Decisions & Careers

2. Paychecks, Budgets & Taxes

3. Saving & Financial Institutions

4. Investing

5. Credit

6. Consumer Skills

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COMMUNICATION: Students will be responsible for checking the class website daily for updates. There is a calendar on the class website showing due dates for major projects, tests and also Release days. Students will be required to sign up for Remind 101 to receive notifications of test dates. You can do that by clicking on the Remind 101 link at the bottom of the syllabus. Communication on release days will be conducted through our class Google Community. Any questions you have beyond the school day should be emailed to Mrs. Havermann at

ELECTRONICS: Students should come prepared each day with a laptop and ear buds. They will both be used regularly in the blended setting. On face-to-face meeting days Mrs. Havermann will give clear instructions on the use of technology.

TUTORING: I am available for tutoring on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Liberty Hour B in room 700. Any student with a D or F in the course will be automatically enrolled in tutoring and required to attend. Failure to attend will result in after school detention.

Late Work Policy

Any assignment not submitted on the due date will recorded as a zero in Power School. Late work will be accepted on or before the last day of the unit for a maximum 60% of the total assignment grade. Once we have completed the unit project or test your grade will remain a zero in the grade book.

Grading Scale

Grades are based on the traditional scale:

90-100%= A

80-89% = B

70-79% = C

60-69% = D

59-0% = F

Grading rubrics will be provided for major projects. All unit tests will be administered electronically through Quia. Students and parents have immediate access to grades through PowerSchool. Students and/or parents may request grade updates via e-mail anytime during the semester at

Class Resources

Parents can access the Blackboard site with (username: lps) (password: guest)