Igneous Rock

Andesite:A fine-grained, extrusive igneous rock.It is composed of other minerals such as  hornblende and pyroxene.

Pegmatite:A light-colored, very coarse-grained rock.It is intrusive, unlike andesite.

Basalt:A dark-grained extrusive.Like andesite, it is partly made up of pyroxene and plagioclase.

Diorite:A course-grained intrusive that is made up of feldspar, pyroxene, hornblende and sometimes quartz, which can give the rock a glassy luster.

Obsidian:A dark-colored volcanic glass.Obsidian is created from very rapid cooling of magma.

Sedimentary Rocks

Limestone:A rock made up of almost all calcium carbonate.It can form organically and chemically.

Shale/Oil shale:A rock that is composed of nearly all of the organic material kerogen.Up to 1/3 of the rock can be organic material.

Sandstone:A clastic rock made up of sandy weather debris the size of sand grains.Sandstone is commonly found on beaches, deserts, flood plains and deltas.

Coal:An organic rock(not a mineral, due to coal being organic) that is combustible and often a factory fuel.Coal is a key component for combustion.

Chert:Made up of mainly sedimentary rock material.The rock was originally composed of silicon dioxide.

Metamorphic Rock

Marble:A non-foliated rock used to make sculptures and buildings.It is mainly made of calcium carbonate.

Quartzite:Non-foliated and produced by the metamorphism of the rock sandstone.

Slate:A foliated rock formed by the metamorphism of shale and is a low-grade metamorphic rock.

Gneiss:A foliated rock with a banded appearance and is partially made of feldspar.

Phyllite:A foliated metamorphic rock made of extremely fine-grained mica.