Serena G.

What about me?

1.The moment my life changed was when I got reared off my horse and broke my wrist. It was the first day of the 2013 summer break and me and my friend were on a trail ride. We were coming home and my horse Smoke was acting weird. When I turned a corner he suddenly reared up and I went tumbling off. I got up and said I'm ok until I looked at my wrist. It looked deformed. The reason it changed my life was because after that I was afraid to get on my horse.

2. What makes me the happiest is riding my horse but being afraid to get back on Smoke was a problem. Thankfully last April, I was finally able to over come my fear of riding him so I am back to riding as often as I can.  In addition to riding my horse, I also enjoy running.  They both help me get things off my mind and practice makes perfect!  I enjoy competition and I compete in rodeos with my horse and I run cross country and track for Greenacres Middle School!

3. My family loves me more then anything in the world. They support me, help me, and give me advice. My family is the only family I ever want to live with. My brother is 9 and plays soccer on the Spokane Shadow and plays hockey for the Coeur d' Alene Thunder. My dad has an office in San Francisco and travels all around the US. He is a National Sales Director for a company called Genomic Health.  My mom is the CEO of our family. She takes care of all the things around the house, runs errands, and drops me and my brother off at school and our activities.

4. The song I listen to the most is the song Automatic by Miranda Lambert.  I don't know why seeing the song isn't very up beat, but the song talks about the past and what used to happen compared to now!  Sometimes I think simpler would be better.  I'm excited because my dad is taking me to the Miranda Lambert concert next week.  

5. We came up with our pets names by my mom naming my dog Starbuck and my two horses already had their names when we purchased them. Their names are Smoke and Blackhawk.

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