Alcohol Ad

Alcohol ad, Ms. Hoban, 2/14/2014

-The ad is trying to say that when you succeed you should reward your self with alcohol with your friends and family. And drinking is the way to have fun and rewarding your self. And there is a bunch of teens having fun, taking pictures,and messing around.

- In the ad it shows teens having a good time taking pictures, playing in the sand and goofing off. Which most teens have fun doing. And drinking is the only way to get you there.

- It shows that when you drink you have a good time, and having a good time is what most teens like. The ad takes place on a beach and beaches are a lot of fun and fun to hang out at. Being successful is is the only way to have fun, and fun means drinking. They are trying to get teens to drink in this ad because, there is a large group of teens in the world who are willing to do anything to have fun, and drinking is what the cool people do. I think this ad is doing a good job on trying to attract teens to drink.

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