Stress Management

one thing that causes me stress is homework. It makes me stress out when i don't know how to do it.

another thing that causes me stress is moving. When you move away from all of your friends.

last thing is planning a event like a party or a wedding because you want it to be perfect but when it dont work out you get stressed

a way that i manage my health for homework is..... if i am having trouble solving a problem i will just take a break and relax and when i'm done i will get up and try again.

i manage my stress from moving by hanging out with my friends tell them whats going on and then i will just hang out and laugh with them so i will have a good memory of hanging out with them.

last one is how to manage your stress for planning a party. you can just relax cause when a party is perfect it is boring but when it is a little un perfect and crazy it is so much fun.

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