|| Travels Through Thailand ||
|| Olivia & Sage ||

All pictures have been taken by me (Olivia) or my friend Shawna unless cited otherwise.

|| Background Information ||

- The official name of the country is the Kingdom of Thailand

- The capital of Thailand is Bangkok (This is where we stayed for the majority of our trip)

- Thai is a tonal language means that the same syllable could mean something completely different based on the way it's pronounced

- Their flag is striped with red, white & blue. The red symbolizes the blood of martyrs, the white symbolizes purity & Buddism (the main religion in Thailand) and blue for the monarcy

- Their climate is mostly tropical, although, it can get chilly from November to about February

- Rainfall occurs anytime between June - October and is usually a HUGE flood concern

|| Meal Etiquette ||

- During a meal, it is considered rude to drink water because they think it means you don't like the food & need to "wash it down" to get the taste out of your mouth. You are only allowed to drink before or after the meal

- The person who is the "richest" generally pays for the meal

- Wait for the host/hostess to invite you to begin eating

- Serve yourself but only put on your plate as much as what you can eat in two or three mouthfuls before adding more. In Thailand, food is must more glorified so they try to use as little to waste as possible

- Don’t leave your chopsticks in the bowl, it symbolizes death & brings bad luck

- Don’t use a fork to feed the food into your mouth, use it to scoop the food onto the spoon so you can then put it into your mouth

- Dishes are intended to be shared so don't ever expect to get a meal or dessert to eat yourself

|| Top News Story ||

The "Tiger Temple" has been a very controversial topic for a while but just recently, it was decided that he people in charge of the Tiger Temple could no longer charge tourists and visitors to see their large cats. The reason this topic has been so controversial is because Thai Wildlife officials have said that his Temple is breaking laws by keeping these cats. The Temple has been keeping these cats without the correct, updated paperwork and aren't keeping the tiger habitats in good condition. The Thai Wildlife Conservation has threatened to completely shut them down, but finally agreed on just no publicity for a while until the Tiger Temple employees can clean things up and get the proper paper work. This is such a big deal because Tiger Temple is actually a huge tourist attraction in Thailand and brings in a lot of money for the country!


|| Pop Culture ||

Music in Thailand:

- Currently, heavy metal & pop are being listened to the most in Thailand

- Thai music has been influenced by many different cultures but the most prominate being India & China

Clothes in Thailand:

- Thailand is very "boho" with its style

- People in Thailand wear a lot of colorful, crazy printed "joggers" (as pictured below)

This information came from my background knowledge from being on the trip


Things to do for fun in Thailand:

- Swimming

- Boating/Fishing

- Sports (mostly basketball & soccer)

- Lots of crafts such as drawing & making clothes, things from cloth.

|| Thailand & The U.S. ||

Thailand & the US have been allies & diplomatic partners since 1818. Thailand trusts us and their view on us is that we are a very kind, helpful country and we will assist them in any situation they need us to. The U.S. and Thailand are common missonary partners and the U.S. sends groups over all the time from churches & groups all over the state to do missionary with the people of Thailand that need it.

|| Thai Cuisine ||

Watch the video! My Thailand mission team actually went to and ate in this market place! My favorite dish was the one he eats called Khao Kha Mu. Khao Kha Mu is steamed rice served with sliced pig's trotters which has been simmered in soy sauce and five spice powder. It is always served with a sweet spicy dipping sauce, fresh bird's eye chillies and cloves of garlic on the side. Boiled egg and a clear broth on the side are optional. (I had mine with broiled egg).


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