Advice in alphabetical order.

A: an apple a day keeps the doctor away

B: believe in yourself

C: care about people not just yourself

D: don't eat raw meat

E:  erase your mistakes

F: feet use them, i mean you got them for a reason

G: good deeds

H:  hope

I: I, there is no I in team

J: jk

K: kind

L: live each day like its your last

M: mother, respect your mother

N:  No good deed goes unnoticed

O: open your mind

P: protect who you love

Q:  question the bad

R: respect, and roll with the punches in life

S: sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me

T: tell your feelings

U: use your time wisely

V: volume, live with volume

W: words have meanings if you listen close

X: x-rays are for broken bones

Y:  you mean something in this world no matter what anybody else says

Z: zoo's are for animals