Slavery in North Carolina

The Main House at Somerset Plantation

Somerset Plantation

Somerset Plantation was a lumber plantation located near Creswell, NC and on the banks of Lake Phelps.

Lake Phelps is not very deep but was used to move logs and lumber.

Slave quarters at Somerset Place were actually fair for that time period with wooden floors and beds.  The plantation started with a large apartment-style buildings which housed four families in the four room structure.  Later, one-room individual houses were built.

100,00 Acres - 328 Slaves (1860)
Rice, Corn - mainly lumber
26 Slave Houses

Somerset was a large plantation that included an overseer house and its very own hospital.

Somerset Hospital

Josiah Collin's Mansion

Surrounding areas, storage and life on the plantation.

Stagville Plantation

Stagville Plantation was located in Durham, NC.  At the outset of the Civil War in 1861 it had over 900 slaves on the plantation.  Stagville was mainly a tobacco plantation with the only cotton grown on the property used for clothing the slaves.


Slave Quarters

900 Slaves
30,000 Acres


Slavery in Virginia
Tudor Hall Plantation

Tudor Hall Plantation was near Petersburg, VA.  It was occupied by theBoisseau Family.


Slave Work

Slave Quarters

Bellamy Mansion (Urban Slavery)

Dr. Bellamy was a physician for a while but mainly a businessman in Wilmington, NC

Slave Quarters

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