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In order to make your visit to our country more successful and to avoid any mishaps, we offer you a series of tips that might help you:


To enter our country, you need a valid passport and appropriate visa (or tourist card) issued by your travel agent or by the Cuban consulate in the country of origin (except in cases of countries that have visa exemption with Cuba).

You cannot import, export or consume drugs and narcotics; explosives; objects, photos, literature or any other pornographic item; animals, plants and their parts designated as a protected or endangered species. If you violate these regulations you will be subject to the criminal liability that applies in each case. You cannot export firearms without the express authorization of the Public Security Department of the Ministry of the Interior. You must process the appropriate permits before your arrival.


The Cuban peso (CUP) is the national currency, but payment of all tourist products and services in the country can be made using the convertible peso. The euro is also accepted in Varadero, Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo, Cayo Santa María, Cayo Largo del Sur, Santa Lucía (n Camagüey), Playa Covarrubias (Las Tunas) and the resorts of the north coast of Holguín.

You can also make payments with the following credit cards VISA INTERNATIONAL, MASTERCARD, ACCESS, BANCOMER INTERNATIONAL, BANAMEX, DINNERS CLUB INTERNATIONAL, JCB and CARNET, and others issued in the country (BFI and RED cards). Credit cards issued by USA banks and their affiliates are not accepted.

The US dollar is no longer in circulation in Cuba, so we recommend that you don’t bring any into the country, plus there is a 10% conversion tax.


If you are coming from a country where there is yellow fever or where cholera is endemic, or if there are any infection areas declared so by the World Health Organisation, you must present a vaccination certificate issued at least 10 days before and no longer than 10 prior to entering the island. There are medical services in all the hotels in Cuba and international clinics in the main tourist destinations in the country.


On your departure, you have to state orally before Customs the amount of twisted tobacco you have on you and in the suitcase. You can export up to 50 units without having to present any documentation. You can export quantities exceeding that amount if they are contained in their original packaging, unopened and sealed with the official hologram, and accredited with official invoice or sales documentation, issued by the shops authorized to sell Havana cigars. Any amount exceeding 50 units that are not declared or do not have proof of their legal purchase will be confiscated.


In Cuba there is total religious freedom, guaranteed by the Constitution of the Republic. The climate requires light clothing, preferably made of cotton. A swim suit and sun cream should not be missing from your luggage, as well as a jumper or light coat if you are travelling in winter or thinking of visiting the more mountainous areas.

Attractions - Gdawg Cayo Coco.

Cayo Coco is the fourth largest island in Cuba measuring 370 km2 with 22 km of pristine fine sandy beaches and beautiful turquoise waters surrounded by lush vegetation and mangroves, facing one of the most important coral reefs in the world. Its name comes from the presence of the white ibis, popularly known as the Coconut bird. In Cayo Coco, there is a wide variety of excursions.


  • The pedraplén (the causeway)
  • Diego Velázquez lighthouse
  • La Silla
  • The pristine beaches
  • Coral reef
  • Cayo Guillermo
  • Coco Diving Center
  • Laguna de la Leche and La Redonda
  • Loma de Cunagua
  • Finca Oasis
  • Morón Municipal Museum
  • Acuavida Spa Talaso
  • Glass bottom boat


  • Boats trips in yachts, sailboats and catamarans
  • Diving
  • Hunting
  • Open-sea fishing and fly fishing
  • Shark shows
  • Bird watching (flamingos)
  • Enjoy the unspoilt, beaches
  • Enjoy a free Day Around and Dinner Around between the Meliá Cuba hotels in Cayo Coco and in Cayo Guillermo
  • Visit the Diego Velazquez lighthouse, archaeological sites and ancient ethnic settlements, and the Municipal Museum in Morón
  • Relax, unwind and dedicated some time to yourself
  • experience an awesome meal at the Cuban restaurants
  • Horseback riding

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