Divergent Mini Project

World of Mundane-she's tired of working with her family and wants to try out for the brave unit.

Call of the Adventure-she attends the ceremony and chooses her future.

Refusal of the Call-she can't believe that she actually did what she wanted to do.

Crossing the Threshold-she goes with the brave unit and they do hardcore parkour(like free running and stunts) and they live life to the fullest.

Path of Trials-she faces many problems like people who don't like her and try to bump her out of the unit and hiding who she really is.

New Friends - her new friends are really nice.

Wise Person-Four is the wise person who mentors and teaches her things.

Enemies and Challenges-the people who want to get rid of her and the head of the city want all of the divergent killed.

New Skills-she's better at hand to hand combat and knows how to do some hardcore parkour.

Personal Insight- That she see stuff differently and do stuff

Return Home - she don't go home in tell the next movie but she is going to fight to make sere the she get her home back  

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