By: EL James

Lexi Moore

Protagonist- Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey a couple who are in love and struggle through emotional problems with the annoyance of ex submissive's and Christians old Dom.

Ana and Christian

Antagonist- Elena Robinson, a older lady who once was Christian Grey's dominate woman in his life and abused him in sexual ways to pleasure her self while also supposedly helping him with personal problems, is now trying to ruin true love for Mr.Grey.

Would you get in to a relationship with a man who is "50 shades of fucked up" or would you head for the hills? Is being in love worth all the baggage? Does Ms.Steele have what it takes to be with a man who cant even love himself?

“Why, oh why have I fallen for someone who is plain crazy—beautiful, sexy as fuck, richer than Croesus, and crazy with a capital K?”

E.L. James, Fifty Shades Darker

Theme- The theme of the story is a innocent girl who falls in love with a corrupted young man who tries and learns to love and forget his old ways to love the girl he never thought he would never find,but getting over his fears are not the only problem the past is back and not happy. The couple has challenges to get through but its up to them to get through it together.

This book is one of a kind, I have never read a book like this before. If you like romance, plot twist and drama then this is the book for you. Be prepared to enter a world of sexual pleasure and love not most are use to. Christian Grey is not your usual 27 year old, if you like a rough and exciting books then 50 shades darker is for you. If you choose to read this book "Mr Grey will see you now"!

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