Anti-Bully Week:

The Pizza Senario

I think with the "pizza" scenario I would tell my friends that bullying people is very wrong no matter what the cause the bullying is for. It may be funny to you and your friends but you are actually hurting someone's feelings and their life. People should take bullying seriously because it could cause someone to kill them self if it has gotten that bad.

This situation makes me feel like we should do something to stop all this bullying. Bullying doesn't help anyone in anyway so why do it? To feel good about yourself tearing other people down? No! Bullying is serious and can effect a person in a big way no matter if it is in person or online. This will make people feel bad about them self and they will think that they aren't worth anything, but they are because we are people and we should be treated fair and with respect. Let's stop bullying for good!

Scenario #2

A message that this sends to the bully is that he/she doesn't think they are doing anything wrong if nobody has said anything about it. Me and my friends could speak out to the bully and tell them to stop or we could bring an adult into the situation. We have changed the climate regarding bullying because then maybe the bully will see that they can't get away with doing something like that to a person. A message could be that the bully can't and won't get away for bullying someone and then maybe they will learn to leave people alone and treat them as equals.