Trey Underwood

Writing about Meditation

The three things we did was a breathing meditation, the second was a talk through meditation, and the third meditation was a sleeping meditation. The first one was a sitting up straight and deep breathing. The second was when Mr.H talked to use and we laid down with are eyes closed and we walked through a garden and a lake and we planted the things that we liked and throw things we did not like into a dark lake. The third thing was when a person told use that a wave was crashing on use and parts of are body were getting sleepy and at the end you would be really relaxed or fallen asleep. Be for we started meditation I felt that it would be boring and that I would not have fun. When we were doing meditation I was thinking about my animal friend that was a squirrel. No because I can not sit still long enough.

Meditation- A way to relax or religious beliefs.

Mantra- Is a repeated sound or word to constraint on meditation.

Deep breathing- Is breathing in from your nose and holding it a couple of seconds and the letting it out of your mouth. You should breath in from the stomach.

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