Marcos martinez

1 you shude put your name one your email if you dont the teacher well not know who it is

becase they mite not know who you r if you send it

2 you shude you’s proper gramer

so they think you are good at writing

3 you need to have a signecher to sin of your email

so they know who is from and they can see what your name

4 you can have smiley faces to show what your filing

so they can see how you are doing if your feeling happy and other things

5 when you can not put joke in your email

because they don't know if you being serious

6 you have to give your teacher you email so he or she noes

if they don't know what it is then they probley wont read it

7 you have to use proper gramer

so you can be good writing

8 you need to use perieds and all the other suff like you writinh

so they know you are done or not

9 you can put theaes onr your papaer if u want to show what your inprashern is ;)

see how you are feeling

10 do not put texting words

like r u coming to game or something like that

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