...enters into the technology world!

We will be using three new technology tools that will allow your child to create projects in new and exciting ways!


Storybird is a website that allows students to write and illustrate their own stories. Students will have opportunities during class to work on their writing. However, because each student has an account, they can also access it at home. We will create one story for each unit, and students will have the opportunity to present and read their stories to the class. Parents are encouraged to create an account to view your child's stories and illustrations.

Voice Thread

Voice Thread is a website that allows students to upload documents or images, and it allows students to put audio or video behind their presentations. Students can view each other's presentations and make comments about them. We will use Voice Thread in the classroom several times as a fresh way to communicate with each other. Students will have opportunities to go to the computer lab to create their presentations, view others' presentations, and make comments. Students will be provided a rubric so they will know what is expected of them for this project.


Tagxedo is a website that creates word clouds out of stories, presentations, speeches, etc. The font size can be increased on certain words that are more important than others. Students will use Tagxedo this year to create a project based on a famous author of their choosing. Students will read one book by that author as well as research their author. They will use Tagxedo to create a word cloud about the information they found. Students will present their Tagxedo creation to the class.

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