What jobs did  slaves do in New France? And where did they live?

Slaves working and owner smoking in the background

Where did slaves live in New France?

There were 4,000 slaves residing in areas between GaspĂ© and Detroit. But most slaves lived in Montreal or areas around Montreal. It took many years but finally in 1834, under the rule of Britain the colony of New France officially declared that there was no more slavery in New France.      

The jobs of  slaves

African slaves worked for specific groups such as merchants, traders, soldiers, governors, bishops, priests, nuns. Slaves in New France had many jobs given to them by their owners. Some of these jobs are doing the laundry, cooking and supervise the children. Some slaves worked as farm labour ; some others performed harder labour, building and defending the french fur post. This hard labour had many effects on the slaves, the biggest one is that most slaves did not live to see their thirties.  

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