Vocabulary Words
Week 6 Unit Test

By: Maddie

Word, Elegant -  Sentence Example-  Princess Kate wore very elegant shoes.

Definition - tastefully fine or luxurious with fashion, design, etc

Word, Forlorn - Sentence Example - The little girl looked forlornly at her dog.

Definition - Feeling miserable, unhappy, and dreary

Word, Adaptable - Sentence Example -  The man had to be adaptable to the new language.

Definition - Capable of being adapted

Word, Occurred - Sentence Example - The Fireworks occurred last night.

Definiton - To take place or happen

Word, Anticipated - Sentence Example - She anticipated before she hit her sister.

Definition - To expect or predict

Word, Ingenious - Sentence Example - Jenna's science project was very ingenious.

Definition - To be clever, inventive, and imaginative

Word, Imprison - Sentence Example - The criminal had be under imprison for the rest of his life.

Definition - To confine or put in jail

Word, Creative - Sentence Example - Katies's art project was very creative.

Definition - To be inspired, having the ability to create

Word, Recently - Sentence Example - My mom recently got a new car.

Definition - happening lately or a short time ago

Good Luck On Your Test!!!