If not now, when?

Mike Morgan - a pizza guy

Look at your life. Objectively. Have you done the things you want? How much passion do you have for each day? Are living your dreams? For most of us, the answers to these questions are disappointing. We smile and forge through our days. Our fun moments are few and far between. We let old friendships dry up because we are “too busy”. We love our family but we don’t call them as much as we should. We appreciate people in our lives greatly but we don’t tell them. We make plans for trips and adventures that are slowly eroded by the reality of our circumstances and responsibilities. Every once in a while we see some alternate path for ourselves. This path fades and we close our eyes in resigned acceptance of our fate. We accept a living death. The unspoken truth of this situation is that our lives will end in the desperate and permanent realization that we are to die without ever having the opportunity to live. Regardless of what you believe happens to you when you leave this world, this life MATTERS. It was not given to you to waste. It was not given to you to “get through”. It doesn’t haven’t be like this. We can choose a different life for ourselves. We can choose a life where our actions are driven by our passion, a life where we are excited about each day. We can live a life where we live our dreams.

How do we do this? Good question. Start by deciding to do it now.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Don’t wait for a perfect set of circumstances that will eliminate all of your “but”s. You will surely replace any obstacles as fast as you eliminate them. You must decide that the obstacles are part of the journey. You understand that the obstacles are there to determine how bad you want something. You must decide that the perfect time is now. The perfect time doesn’t exist in the future. It cannot exist in the future. The perfect time can only exist in the “now”. The perfect time is now. Find something you want to do and bite off a small piece, TODAY. Do a little each day. These little moves will accumulate into big moves that will start to alter the trajectory of your life. You will begin to have an energy and optimism for your future that will drive you to live the life you were meant to live. You will become the person you wanted to be. You owe it to yourself to give your real life a chance to happen. Nobody can do this for you. You can’t hire somebody to live the life you want. It is up to you to live it.

If not now…when?