Sedimentary Rocks: rocks formed by the desposition of material in bodies of water at the Earth's surface

Metamorphic rocks: rocks made by heat and pressure that changes it chemicaly and physicaly

Igneous Rocks: made by the cooling and solidification of magma and lava

stratification:  a system of  formation, layers, or catergories

Examples of Rocks

Sedimentary: Limestone

Igneous: Granite

Metamorphic: Schist

5. If there is more rock layers it tends to be older since more sediment has formed into rock over time. The shape of rock layers too can estimate the age of landforms, since jagged rocks are much younger than flat thick rocks, due to erosion.Fossil seashells found high up on mountaintops about 1000 feet above sea level means that earthquakes have been pushing the earth up

7. older rocks could be on top of younger rocks because of thrust faulting, thrust faulting is when the older rock is pushed on top of the younger rock.

8. Parrot fish create white sandy beaches by eating coral rocks then pooping the white sand out. Corral reefs are also made by a colonies of coral polyps, they could even form huge structures of limestone that could change the shoreline of continents.

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