Torino, Venice, Florence, Rome

After following the tracks of the famous philosopher Nietzsche on my Philosophy study tour from Switzerland to Torino, we detoured out of the final destination to explore some Italian hot spots. While training from city to city in just 4 days time, we were forced to do an Italian speed round. In Torino, we took time away from class to see the famous Shroud of Turin. A little lackadaisical museum set-up for such a big relic, yet very interesting and awesome to see the Shroud of Jesus.

After Torino, we spent a night in both Venezia and Firenze. Then to Roma for two. Although it was gloomy for the first two days, getting lost in the Venetian alleyways and being museum addicts in Florence was awesome. We didn't have enough daylight to truly enjoy Venice, though winding through the alleys of shops and stumbling upon cool canals and bridges made the night. In Florence, we were able to kill both the Uffizi Gallery and see the David by Michelangelo.

Yet, Roma took the cake. The first day, we visited the Roman Forum and the Colosseum, and it was 65 and sunny... almost in December. Coming from the gloomy, murky weather of Luxembourg, this was short-sleeve time. Walking through the sunny Roman Forum and picking oranges from the trees took me back to when I waltzed through the Versailles Gardens in early October. The next day was rainy, but the Pope cleared things up. Spending the day at Vatican City and around St. Peter's Square can't ever go wrong, especially with some 'za and world famous gelato. The Giolitti's Gelato was good, too (2) good... we got it twice.

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dahh trinity!

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Nice shots Connor, Italy is one of my favorite destinations.