The Death of Marat

Creator- Jacques- Louis David

Technique- Oil on canvas

Display- Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belguim

Famous Figure- Jean- Paul Marat

Biography- Jean-Paul Marat was a supporter of Robespierre.  He was also a Jacobin.  He was assinsated by being stabbed to death in his own home by Charlotte Corday.  He spent much of his day in a soothing bath because of a skin condition he developed while living in the sewers when he was poor.  He was also was the editor in chief of his newspaper L'Ami du Peuple.

History- Before, no one his of his newspaper, and he supported Ropespeirre.  After, His newspaper became very popular, and it was the time of Robespierre's fall. During this painting, it was the " Reign of Terror" and the peak of the French revolution.

Symbolism- This painting symbolizes the French Revolution. It continues to show people the impact the power of words and free press had on the French Revolution.

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