American History with Ten Amendments (Finger Tricks)!!!

This Year in history (American History) I learned a quick way to learn the Ten Amendments.

1. Freedom of Religion, Speech, Press, Petition, Assembly. (Point the finger one. Against lips for speech, up in air for religion, act like pressing a button for press, act like your finger is a pen for petition, and do the "come here" sign for assembly.)

2.Right to bare arms.(Hand gun)

3.No quartering troops.(three fingers out and smash them together. Three is a crowd.)

4.Search or Seizure. (Act like you are getting cuffed)

5.Right to Due Process and Self-incrimination.(cup your hand over your mouth)

6.Right to Speedy Trial. (stick out one hand and point to your wrist like you were pointing to a watch)

7.Right to Jury Trial.(flash one hand open and close and the other hold up two for $20.)

8.Protection from Cruel and Unusual Punishment.

9.Protection of Right that are unlisted.

10.Powers given to the Federal Government that are rested between the People and the States,

Second Amendment
First Amendent
Fourth Amendment All photos belong to google chrome

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